How to get started with an Alexa smart home

If you are a regular reader here on CNET, you’ve probably noticed a lot of stories about Alexa’s Amazon virtual assistant, especially the many ways you can take control of connected home.

There are good reasons for this. Voice control is becoming the gateway to smart home drug of choice, and Alexa was at the forefront of commissioning, a standard control light, locks and more as basic usage. Meanwhile, millions of smart speakers Echo and Echo Dot Amazon and other manufacturers while Alexa lights and thermostats to televisions and refrigerators.

In short, Alexa is almost everywhere these days, which means that there are a growing number of people looking for ways to use a smarter and more practical living space. If this sounds like you and you are looking for some tips on how to get started, you are in the right place.

If you want a smart house controlled by Alexa, you will be asked Alexa. For most people, this means to get a speaker or Amazon Eco Eco Intelligent Dot.

This is definitely the best option. Only $ 50 and with the same functionality as the full size Alexa Echo is one of the best deals on technology.

Installation is simple, just plug in the item and follow the instructions without applying wire synchronization from Alexa on the mobile device of choice.

And if you want a test Alexa said, it is not necessary to spend a single penny. Amazon Download the application and open a session with an Amazon account, and there is a small microphone icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. A touch and you can talk to Alexa, not speakers.

The Amazon application has received commercial voice functionality, but also to control its smart devices at home if it has links to the Alexa application.

Another thing I want to think that Alexa put in your home is where you put it. You can use your echo anywhere, as it is within reach of the Wi-Fi signal at home and an outlet.

This means that you put in the room, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room is the height that you and the choice really depends on how you will use.

The room makes a lot of sense, especially if you are going to use the Alexa alarm to wake you up in the morning.

Add the home control chip to the picture, and you can tell Alexa you have to turn off the lights when one sits down to enjoy a good night, or ask to lower the thermostat when the room is too hot.

Again, if a large number of movies see and want to reduce lights before playing and Alexa could be better in your TV room.

That being said, nothing prevents you from taking a holistic approach to taking more than one eco product.

The low cost of Dot Eco – perhaps the biggest advantage over rivals like Google and Alexa assistant Siri – comes into play here because you can get three for the same cost as a single Amazon Eco.

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