New concept imagines a Google Pixel 2 XL you’ll fall in love with

A report published a few days ago said that the 2017 Google pixels phones will not be identical.

Pixel pixel 2 and 2 XL will be manufactured by HTC and LG, respectively, reported other leaks, and this is perhaps the reason why they will not be similar in design.

Google is not yet ready to release the new series of pixels, but someone has already created 3D of what the pixel 2 XL would look like if this recent rumor fixes.

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The YouTube Creator Chain Concept, which released similar clips to other mobile devices, created a 2-pixel device, using the latest rumors as a guide.

The phone has a large screen, although it is not quite the full screen design that you expect, and also has a new back panel design.

The design looks like it did with the LG G6 earlier this year. Once again, LG said that the Pixel 2 XL phone should carry a 5.99-inch screen as a reference leak.

There is less glass than the original pixel phones on the back, and contains only the camera and the flash.

The rear fingerprint sensor, in turn, is integrated into the aluminum frame. As for the rear camera, it does not have two lenses, which we expect from all the flagship phones launched in the coming months.

Finally, the designer has found different colors for Pixel 2 XL. Watch the full video below which should be good enough for you to get in the fall, when you will release the current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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