One of the Biggest Ethereum and Bitcoin Exchanges Got Hacked

Hackers stole user data and money from Bithumb, one of the top five cryptocurrence exchanges Etereum and Bitcoin, the company said on Friday.

Bithumb said the thieves stole a database of information about an employee’s personal computer data, rather than the internal corporate network.

The attackers have removed names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers (no password, apparently) more than 31 800 customers, according to a report by Yonhap, a South Korean news service on Monday.

Following the discovery of the infringement, affecting about 3% of the site’s customers, Bithumb pointed to South Korean authorities on June 30, Yonhap said.

Thieves have turned to accounts of customers in an effort to empty their pockets digital coins.

The hackers would have been wiped out with hundreds of millions of Korean won, or tens of thousands of dollars cryptocurrence, according to local media reports.

Bithumb said its corporate network had not been compromised and that the result of flight purport had to do with phishing attacks.

“The employee’s PC was not hacked the database server. Personal information as they have released the phone and email addresses of some users.

However, some customers were stolen by password available used in electronic financial transactions, “the exchange said in a statement, a translation provided by Brave New Corner, a website that tracks digital coins.
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Since late June, Bithumb’s clients have complained of attacks on articles about, a social networking site in South Korea. One person would have lost 1.2 billion won, although fortune could not verify the claim.

Bithumb said on Monday he would pay victims of data loss 100,000 won, or about $ 87 per person. The exchange also said compensation for additional losses related to the attacks.

“For those who have suffered additional damages due to this incident, as soon as the amount of damage is confirmed, we will refund the full amount of damages,” Bithumb said in a note, issued in English via Google Translate.

Bithumb did not immediately respond to Fortune’s request for more information.
Bithumb is the first crypts exchange in South Korea and a global leader in the Ether cryptocurrence Ethereum associated computer network.

The exchange moved to the forefront around the world in the coming days due to increased business activity. Due to the fall of the cryptocurrence sector, the attackers are interested in the digital currency forex portfolios.

There are two months, hackers have launched Yapizon, another crypt exchange from South Korea is worth 3 816.20 Bitcoin, more than 5.5 million

The attackers also attacked Coinbase, one of the largest and most well known stock broker cryptocurrence in the United States.

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