NASA astronauts successfully complete emergency spacewalk

NASA astronauts successfully complete emergency spacewalk

Two NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) successfully completed an urgent space walk replacing a failed data relay box that controls part of the key material on the orbital platform. Expedition commander 51 Peggy Whitson and NASA flight engineer Jack Fischer also installed a pair of antennas at the station on May 23 to improve wireless communications for future space routes.
Space walkers have now spent a total of 1250 hours and 41 minutes of work outside the space station for 201 campaigns in support of assembly and maintenance of orbital laboratory. It was the 10th Whitson Space Road, which travels in third place for space time accumulated hike, and the second for Fischer. A data multiplexor-demultiplexer relay box (MDM) in the SOS ISS failed last week. The cause of the MDM failure is not known.
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ISS program managers have decided to continue the spacewalk after a review of the preparations and preparation of the crew Sunday. The data relay box is one of the systems housed in the lattice that control the functionality of radiators, solar panels, cooling loops and other equipment stations.
The other MDM in the lattice works perfectly, providing continuous telemetry routing to station systems. A space walk as MDM replacement took place in April 2014 in the crew of Expedition 39, Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio. The crew was never in danger and the MDM failure, which is supposed to be internal to the box itself, had no impact on the station’s activities, NASA said.

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