Is NASA paying people to smoke marijuana?

Is NASA paying people to smoke marijuana?

Joshua Gillin, PunditFact’s Project Checking the Facts, simply check the credibility of a story claiming that thousands of people paying marijuana smoking in bed for months Houston-based NASA.

Verdict: This is a viral legend that has been in orbit for some time.

“NASA will pay you $ 18,000 to stay in bed and smoke marijuana for 70 consecutive days,” says the title January 2, 2017, a blog that deals primarily with the latest sports shoes. Judging by the number of commentators asking to be registered, there is also an audience for marijuana studios.

Facebook users have marked this publication as possibly fabricated within the framework of efforts against the current fake news site of social media users.

“NASA has posted an advertisement seeking people who want to participate in their” studies on the rest “- a study that will require participants to spend 70 consecutive days in bed, relax and smoke different types of cannabis, for which they receive a salary Of $ 18,000, “the Post said. “During the relaxation period, participants are allowed to read books, play games, Skype and smoke marijuana. They can do whatever they want, as long as that is staying in bed, week after week, earning $ 1,200 a week.
It is true. Gillin found that NASA conducts bed rest studies The aim is to examine the possible effects of weightlessness on astronauts, and be in bed with the head tilted down at a six-degree angle is apparently a good substitute .

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