What is the best way to crack the GATE exam in First Attempt

For this kind of question. Here, I would advise reviewing GATE Cracking facility.

Cracking The GATE exam requires a study strategy, determination and appropriate attention. This requires constant efforts for each topic in order to clarify the basics to get good grades.

The annoyance of the concepts did not help get a good rating, but instead should focus more on the understanding of the game, with the practical approach to the subject. Strategic preparation, time management, smart study are some key points if you follow, will help any aspiring to crack the GATE exam.

Here are some tips that will help you get a high score on the GATE exam on the first try:

Table time

Tracking your time table: Calendar is the key to success. For students who study themselves, especially those who do not go to college or work, discipline may collapse. Wake up at 10 o’clock, sleep 3 hours like that. Split all day into 2-3 slots and study different subjects in different slots. Prepare an appropriate program for the study. Prepare a convenient time for your preparation and respect the deadlines. Do not take it lightly. I realized last year when I was getting ready for GATE Test series:

Do you really want to stay focused while preparing for GATE, then participate in the test series. The series of tests to stay active automatically in the preparations, but you have to take into account the time series of tests.
Many students make a mistake that will join the test series just before one month. They join the series of final tests because they think they first prepare each part of the theory and then take the test. The series is very bad … Many students make this mistake, which allows them to lose points.

Choose theme – Clear your concept – Solve problems – Take test subjects – Evaluate your performance. And also follow for all subjects of the GATE exam
I recommend the series of tests Ignited Engineers specifically for GATE but which offers very conceptual and relevant subjects for the GATE exam. Cheap and best. It provides wise, prudent chapters and great test subjects. It also transmits the chapter name / section of the largest and most important.
Give a rational species of Regimes / Chapter test followed by cautious tests and tests of the full curriculum below.

Engineering Mathematics and general ability

These topics also play a vital role in scoring and high ranking. Do not forget these topics. Together, they represent approximately 25% of the total score. So try to be perfect in these areas.

For this section they are limited to buy the mathematics of the previous year. GATE Books that solves for easy Publishing. Do not go to B S Grewal. Because it has much less time and you have to be very clear about the fields from which questions are usually asked. Follow these books only when you do not understand the concept. Then take a look at the details.
By general fitness. Resolved R S Aggarwal skill books.
Recommended books for all other topics follow Ignited Engineers website. They organized the list of books very well.

Take short notes

You will continue to record errors, important facts, formulas in a separate notebook. It will help you review just before the exam in a very short time. Because it is almost impossible to check 9-10 subjects only 1 day before.
Continue to brush all your strong suites every week.


Many students also make mistakes here, many students are busy studying only, they do not have the time to review. But one thing to keep in mind is that without regular review issues, concepts and formulas are lost. So, give 5 to 10 minutes a day for all subjects to review what you have studied before.

Solve the problems of the previous year

The issues of the previous year at least 2 times. There is a common tendency in the examination of the door can be followed most of the time, ask questions in the same way, the GATE exam also repeated the previous year. The questions are direct and the value will change. So the question from the previous year is very important for the aspirants.
GATE is a kind of examination where its concepts must be 100% clear. Solve problems with respect to the previous year. And find out if you are not able to get a correct answer on your favorite topic. Check the topic again, and solve more problems.

Take adequate sleep 6 hours per night.

45 to 60 minutes during the day when you study all the time in one day.
Skipping the nights will not make you a child, make sure you have just lost weight and this leads to health problems.

GATE Phobia:

This is not the most difficult test in the world and it is not the end of the world if you do not succeed. So do not worry, thinking how? They begin and continue to move, everything will be in place right after that.
The GATE exam is a single exam in India, where nearly 15% of students are successful. Otherwise, other tests like IES, NIC – Success do not exceed 2%. Do not lose your confidence until the end of the GATE exam.

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