Mars Rover 2020: Here's What NASA's New Red-Planet Car Will Look Like

Mars Rover 2020: Here’s What NASA’s New Red-Planet Car Will Look Like

NASA has unveiled a new concept of new art for its next robot red planet, the Mars explorer 2020 and looks great.

If the conceptual art of March 2020 rover that NASA launched yesterday (May 23) sounds familiar, do not worry; He does not see things. The basic design of the vehicle was influenced by the roadster nuclear curiosity NASA exploration of Mars since 2012.

“The mission takes the next step by seeking not only signals of habitable conditions on Mars in the distant past, but also to look for signs of past microbial life itself,” NASA officials said in a statement. “The March 2020 Rover introduced a drill that can pick up basal samples of rocks and soils from the most promising ones, and set them aside on the surface of Mars.A future mission can return those samples to Earth.”

NASA had previously published artistic representations of the vehicle on Mars 2020. However, the Art Nouveau concept is the first detailed picture of how the robot could observe the surface of Mars. Previous images showed the rover with its many scientific instruments labeled or on a white background.

NASA scientists are evaluating three potential landing sites for the Mars explorer on Mars 2020. These regions include the crater Jezero, ex Delta carved by a past Lake basin; Columbia Hills, the site of recent mining hot springs that had already been explored by NASA’s Spirit Rover; And Syrtis Major, an ancient volcano shield.

It is expected that the March 2020 rover to launch in July or August 2020 aboard a rocket Life United Launch Alliance Alliance a platform at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, NASA officials.

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